Sustainability and Community


Among the priorities of the Methal Company Group are the protection of the environment, balancing and observing the applicable environmental standards in internal selective collection programs; care with our PPA (Permanent Preservation Area) and Native Forest; donations to needy communities in the region; and the fulfillment of a sustainable supply chain policy, based on our Suppliers Manual, ensuring the optimization of production, with less consumption of resources and less environmental impact.

Environmental Sustainability

We apply the conscious use of natural resources, preserving the environment so that we can guarantee this heritage for future generations, as provided in our integrated policy.

Social Sustainability

Integrates a set of activities in which people and companies seek to carry out actions that benefit the population in general. The Methal Company works together with the community, including food collection actions to help churches and shelters, rescue initiatives, vaccination, neutering and adoption of animals, among other projects.

Economic Sustainability

This item deals with the development of the company as a whole, so that it can generate profits and jobs from a set of administrative and economic practices that aim to preserve the entire supply chain.



Support to entities

The Methal Company supports several entities such as hospitals, churches, NGOs, Associations of Support.

Adopt a friend

The Methal Company Group encourages employees and the community to adopt animals. Several dogs have been rescued, treated, and adopted by employees and the local community. The animals that were once abandoned are now in a home receiving comfort and care.

Sports support

Incentive and support for sports in different categories.

Permanent preservation area

The preservation of the environment is among the priorities of the Methal Company Group. In our factory there is a green area, a PPA (Permanent Preservation Area) of approximately 82,000 m² and 86,000 m² of preserved Native Forest demonstrating our concern for the next generations and developing social and environmental awareness of sustainable practices.

Conscious collection

The conscious collection at Methal Company raises awareness of organized disposal and also the reuse of discarded materials, reducing their environmental impact.


The Methal Company supports and subsidizes technical courses, graduation, and languages for employees, in partner institutions.

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